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In the past Flowing Wells has partnered with Pima County in the preparation of two HUD-sponsored Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) Plans. NRSA helps Pima County and other government agencies, as well as non-profits, understand how to serve the needs of the Flowing Wells community with services and improvements.  The original Plan was completed in 2001, followed by an update in 2007. Those two plans have guided our Neighborhood Association and Community Coalition in developing numerous projects. 

The 2020 Plan, developed by Poster Mirto McDonald (project planner, Corky Poster), builds on the successes of the previous two plans and lays out a set of Goals and Strategies/Projects to carry Flowing Wells forward into the future. Attached is the much-advanced-but-not-final Draft 4 of the Flowing Wells NRSA Update 2020. It will be the basis for the September 3 Board meeting and the September 17 on-line Community Meeting. It is intended to be a basis for additional comments from all interested parties. 

As a reminder, here are the agreed-upon next steps for the Plan.

1. Additional comments from FWNACC Steering Committee.

2. Link to final draft in FWNACC newsletter, August 28, 2020

3. FWNACC Board meeting on September 3, 2020, to review draft.

4. Slide presentation preparation, summarizing major plan items.

5. On-line slide presentation to Flowing Wells community on September 17, 2020

6. Physical draft available September 18-30, 2020 at the library or the Ellie Towne Community Center

7. Additional community/Steering Committee comments by September 30, 2020

8. Publication of final document by October 15, 2020 

We will meet with the Steering Committee again on September 3. Of course comments between now and then are always welcome. 

To see the complete report by Corky, which is impressive and well worth a careful reading--or even a casual reading if you are pressed for time--go down on the page to under Documents.  Comments can be sent to Corky Poster at cposter@pmm.design He will be presenting the draft plan at the FWNACC online general meeting on September 17th at 6 pm ( see our calender page for more information),



Due to the ongoing need to maintain distance during the pandemic, we have canceled the General Meeting of the Flowing Wells Neighborhood Association and Community Coalition, but we will be scheduling online meetings soon.  

We will be continuing to send out and posting on our web page our newsletter and some helpful information for residents from time to time. Please stay healthy and please visit our webpage for any new updates! .

Stay healthy and happy!  (see attachment on our pages & links page from CDC for the cornoavirus called "Stop the Spread of Germs")  Kevin Daily FWNACC President 

For  information on COVID-19, please visit  https://www.tucsonaz.gov/manager/covid-19-updates or call the City Services Impact Hotline at (520) 791-2540.  Also visit Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Pima County

Below please find a resource list put together by a new grassroots group on Facebook, Tucson Mutual Aid.

Listed is anything from rent assistance to free food to child care. Please share with your agencies, clients, students, families, etc. 

Practicing Future,  Practicing Justice Resource Guide

Practicing Future, Practicing Justice Resource Guide_SPANISH

The Images of America Flowing Wells book by Kevin and Marie Dailey is now available at local book stores. The FWNACC will donate all royalties earned from sales of this book to fund schlorships for Flowing Wells students beginning in 2021. The book is "dedicated to all Flowing Wells family and friends, past, present, and future, who share a vision of a tight-knit community bigger than any one individual and built on hard work, with the school district at its core."   


In 1995, community residents concerned about safety and quality of life, joined together to form the Flowing Wells Neighborhood Association and Community Coalition (FWNACC).

Initially, FWNACC activities included installing streetlights, reducing street flooding and closing drug-houses. Much of the initial phase centered around grafitti abatement.?  More...


Flowing Wells Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy...

The Flowing Wells Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area 2020 Draft Update is available for download under our documents page for review and comments more
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