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Flowing Wells Revitalization Strategy Area Plan



In the past Flowing Wells has partnered with Pima County in the preparation of two HUD-sponsored Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) Plans. NRSA helps Pima County and other government agencies, as well as non-profits, understand how to serve the needs of the Flowing Wells community with services and improvements.  The original Plan was completed in 2001, followed by an update in 2007. Those two plans have guided our Neighborhood Association and Community Coalition in developing numerous projects. 

The 2020 Plan, developed by Poster Mirto McDonald (project planner, Corky Poster), builds on the successes of the previous two plans and lays out a set of Goals and Strategies/Projects to carry Flowing Wells forward into the future. Attached is the Flowing Wells NRSA Update 2020.

To see the complete report by Corky, which is impressive and well worth a careful reading--or even a casual reading if you are pressed for time--go to the Pages & Links page under Documents. 


Federal Communications Commission  
Emergency Broadband Benefit (EEB) Program

Enrollment Start Date May 12, 2021 

Help Get Arizona Households Connected! 


TO:          Arizona government, education, business and non-profit organizations  

FROM:    Cindy Hogan, Digital Equity Project Manager for United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona and AmeriCorps Member                   

 More than 200,000 Arizona families are struggling to access the internet with enough bandwidth to facilitate virtual instruction. A recent report by Common Sense Media and Boston Consulting Group found that 29%, or 335,550, Arizona K-12 students lack the adequate internet connectivity at home needed to conduct distance learning. Nearly 20%, or 220,500, students do not have devices at home for distance learning; and 56% of those students who lack adequate access to the internet are Black, Latinx, or Native American.  


On May 12, 2021 the FCC will launch the new Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB). The EBB addresses the unprecedented need for low-income households to access affordable digital resources including broadband Internet and computing devices. The EBB will provide eligible households a discount of up to $50 per month for Internet service or $75 per month for those living on Tribal lands. The EBB may also provide eligible households a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop or tablet computer. It is urgent that we get the word out and help eligible low-income households enroll in this program ASAP. It is a limited duration benefit program; we need to act now to help eligible Arizona households get signed up before the benefit ends. 

To help bridge the digital divide, a coalition of Arizona government, education and non-profit organizations is requesting that you help us get the word out to your constituencies about the EBB program.  The coalition includes  Arizona State Library, Archives & Public RecordsSchool ConnectCommon Sense Media and United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, the Arizona Broadband Stakeholder Network’s COVID-19 Digital Access Task Force (AZBSN), the Arizona Rural Schools Association, the Arizona Telemedicine Program, Care1st Health Plan Arizona, the Arizona Department of Education, economic development organizations and many more. 

 We know that for many people government program applications can be complicated and overwhelming.  We are asking schools, libraries, non-profit and faith-based organizations, social service and health care agencies, and local and state governments to help eligible households register for these benefits. A toolkit has been developed to share out with your networks and partners. The toolkit is housed on the Connect Arizona website and includes:   


•     Emergency Broadband Benefit FAQ sheet  

•     FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit program guide  

•     PDF of step-by-step instructions to guide applicants through the eligibility and enrollment process 

•     Flyer in English outlining the program and eligibility requirements  

•     Flyer in Spanish outlining the program and eligibility requirements  

•     Half-page flyer in English that can be printed and distributed


•     Half-page flyer in Spanish that can be printed and distributed 


•     This sample email to use as a template to share out to your networks 

Access the Complete EBB Toolkit Here  

Ways You Can Help 

  • Become an FCC Outreach Partner
  • Identify a Point of Contact within your organization to learn about the EBB and the application process to help eligible households enroll
  • Organize a sign-up event
  • Print and distribute EBB flyers to your constituents 
  • Provide funding to pay for flyers or a sign-up event


Want to Help or Need More Information? Contact: 


Valuable State Library Digital Inclusion Website 

Connect Arizona 

Connect Arizona provides comprehensive resources that address all facets of the digital divide.  While we need to get everyone connected to broadband, we also need to ensure that ALL Arizona citizens have access to other digital resources including:  1) affordable devices; 2) technical support to enable effective use of devices, the Internet and applications; 3) digital literacy and upskilling and 4) access to quality digital content, applications and virtual learning resources.  Connect Arizona has a Digital Navigator program and telephone help line for individuals needing technical and resource support.  Connect Arizona is also home to a live map showing free Wi-Fi hotspots across the state.    


Due to the ongoing need to maintain distance during the pandemic, we have canceled the General Meeting of the Flowing Wells Neighborhood Association and Community Coalition, but we are scheduling online meetings now.  

We will be continuing to send out and posting on our web page our newsletter and some helpful information for residents from time to time. Please stay healthy and please visit our webpage for any new updates! .

Stay healthy and happy!   Kevin Daily FWNACC President  

Pima Animal Care Center is excited to host a pop-up COVID vaccine clinic at PACC this Saturday, May 8th, from 10am-2pm.  This clinic will be operated in conjunction with Marana Health Center and will be offering Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines on a walk-up basis.  The vaccine is FREE and no appointment is necessary.

PACC is also offering FREE adoptions for all pets over the age of 4 months through the month of May.  Please click HERE to view available pets and schedule a visit.

Hope to see you this weekend!  Don’t miss your shot!

Other nearby free clinics with no apointments include; Rillito Racetrack at 4502 N. 1st Ave. Saturday, May 15 - Monday, May 17th, 10 am - 8pm, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson available, and Curtis Park at 2110 W. Curtis Road, Saturday, May 15th  - Monday, May 17th, 10 am - 8 pm, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

The Images of America Flowing Wells book by Kevin and Marie Dailey is now available at local book stores. The FWNACC will donate all royalties earned from sales of this book to fund schlorships for Flowing Wells students beginning in 2021. The book is "dedicated to all Flowing Wells family and friends, past, present, and future, who share a vision of a tight-knit community bigger than any one individual and built on hard work, with the school district at its core."   


In 1995, community residents concerned about safety and quality of life, joined together to form the Flowing Wells Neighborhood Association and Community Coalition (FWNACC).

Initially, FWNACC activities included installing streetlights, reducing street flooding and closing drug-houses. Much of the initial phase centered around grafitti abatement.?  More...


Flowing Wells Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy...

The Flowing Wells Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area 2020 Draft Update is available for download under our documents page for review and comments more
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